[photos by Julia Merrell]

Foodism Toronto, December 2018 [photos by Erin Fisher]

[photos by Erin Fisher]

JSD Perspective, December 2018 [illustrations by Jade & Stone Design]

[illustrations by Jade & Stone Design]

Lifting bird nets in a block of Pinot Noir in an Adelaide Hills vineyard.

[photos by Ben Macmahon]

Living Roots Tasting Room

[feature photo by Erin Fisher]

Living Roots owners pouring wine outside with truck in background

[feature photo by Erin Fisher]

tasting plate with various foods

[feature photo by Erin Fisher]

Living Roots owners loading crate in back of truck

[photos by Rachel Liz]

Water color paintings of New York State and Adelaide Hills Australia

[photos by Hannah Betts]

Four Living Roots Wine glasses with menu

[feature photo by Erin Fisher]

Drawing of Kodak Tower on desk with stack of other drawings behind it.

[feature photo by Erin Fisher]

Four Living Roots Wine bottles with a wine glass being filled

[feature photo by Erin Fisher]